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Marathon 3 Penrith, NSW


Marathon 3: The ‘Hump’ Marathon

It was not the best sleep last night as I woke at 2am and then struggled to get any decent rest after that. Instead I made the most of it and got out of bed at 4am with a plan to get the run underway before the predicted heat started.

It’s an hour drive from home to the intended course so today’s run started at 5.25am. The early start was fantastic for the mental game as I was able to put a decent dent in the km’s before the time of day I’d started the previous two marathons. Mentally I still felt sharp and the mood was quite good as I was ready to take on the ‘hump’ marathon knowing that by 21.1km I’d be more than half way through the 5 day challenge.

The beginning of my marathon route takes me on a loop around the lake at the Sydney International Regatta Centre and it really is a beautiful spot to run.

The first 5km were pretty brutal on the joints (particularly the right hip) but it settled down just a touch as I warmed up. All day it was a constant battle to stay on top of the pain but it didn’t get any worse. The strategy was to just repeat yesterday’s performance and keep it all very slow. I’m a long way past the dream of running and a brisk walk is all the pain in my hip will allow.

Pace per km


It was another hot day but thanks to the 5.25am start, I managed to complete the first half of the marathon in comfortable sub 20C temperature.

The heat became a factor from about 8.30am onwards as the temperatures continued to tick upwards to a high of 33C for the last hour of my run. My water intake was high and I drank more than I really should have. My salt intake was still considerable at approximately 7tsp.

Active Pace

I managed to finish the marathon in 6 hour 33 minutes which was slightly slower than the previous day. Finishing by midday was also a huge win.

Marathon 3 Statistics

All done! I finished my third marathon in 6 hours 33 minutes (average pace 9:18 min/km).

Heart Rate

My heart rate remained comfortable all day today with an average of just 122bpm. Almost the entire marathon was completed with a heart rate in zone 2 or below. My firm objective is to simply complete the five marathons so at this stage it would be a disaster to go too hard and risk an injury that would prevent me from continuing.

Continuous Blood Glucose (CGM)

Testing was done at 4.15am this morning thanks to the early start.

My blood glucose remained within the normal range all day although it was slightly lower than the previous two days. Blood sugar results via finger prick testing were as follows:

My CGM data again showed consistent blood sugar throughout the day. There were a couple of periods where it fell below 4mmol/L but this wasn’t concerning. I’d seen similar patterns during my training runs. There is a consistent spike in blood sugar each day around 6am. This is a recurrent pattern that I’d observed in the several weeks prior. It was interesting to see that my fasting this week hadn’t interupted this pattern.

24 Hour CGM

Blood Ketones

Ketones dropped back below 1.0mml/L overnight but by the completion of today’s marathon they were back to an all time high of 2.1mml/L. There is no doubt now that I’m metabolising fat for energy and spinning off plenty of ketone bodies in the process.

Fasting and Hunger

Hunger hadn’t crossed my mind all day until this evening. I’d received a lot a queries this afternoon about how my hunger levels were faring. Some of my mates really enjoyed texting me pictures of their dinners just to check that I really wasn’t hungry! The thought of eating isn’t at all troublesome and the fasting has still been the easiest part of this challenge.

Post Marathon measures:

  • Hunger: 4/10

Sleep and Mood

My sleep last night was pretty poor. REM sleep was very low and I was awake from about 2.30am onwards. The objective was to get as much sleep as possible in order to maximise recovery but that is proving easier said than done. Getting up at 4am was the right move today as it was clear that my chances of getting any more sleep wasn’t very likely.

My sleep statistics indicate a pretty tough night.

Even with poor sleep, my mood was quite high today. Mentally it was a big day as by the evening I’d have less marathons to go than I’d already completed. It may seem odd to say but having only two marathons to go feels like such a relief!


  • Pre Marathon: 7/10
  • Post Marathon: 6/10


Three days in now and my weight remains reasonably stable at 74.8kg. It’s actually slightly up from yesterday but I expect that water intake will be playing a role. I’ve now dropped a total of 0.9kg after 3 days of fasting and 3 marathons.

Post Marathon

The afternoon involved ducking in to my physiotherapist to get the hot/cold flush on the legs. It really worked wonders the last couple of days and it’s become a highlight of my day. The legs feel fresh apart from the localized hip pain. Muscle soreness has not been a factor at all which has been one less thing to deal with.

Early to bed tonight is the plan to maximise recovery and hopefully my sleep will be much better than last night. In order to beat the heat tomorrow I’ll be rising super early and am looking forward to cranking out marathon number four!

For now, it’s marathon number three done!!!

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